Best Courses for Android Applications Development

If you want to start building android applications then take these best courses for android applications development. As you know that there is an app for almost everything, to help people in every field.

JavaScript is required for anyone who wants to build android applications. You should download these JavaScript free udemy courses for better understanding.

Check out these Best Courses for Android Applications Development

Best Courses for Android Applications Development

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The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course

You will learn to build almost 17 gaming apps and other apps like twitter, notepad etc.

This android course is totally practical and you will learn to build real-world applications through it. Development and programming of mobile applications are made easier for everyone in Kotlin.

Some Reviews

  • I think this android application development course is a great start for someone who wants to learn Kotlin and wants to make some serious money.
  • Excellent course, extensive hands-on practice, and detailed explanation. Only the accent is a little bit different, but it doesn’t matter that much.

The Complete Xamarin Developer Course iOS And Android!

This course is the best seller among the other android development courses on udemy. Because it has 4.3 (2,550 ratings) and 13,456 students so far.

This course is best for a developer who wants to build Android and iOS apps with Xamarin. Once you take this course, you become the guru of multi-platform. As you will create apps in Android and iOS, you will be able to earn more.

Some Reviews

  • Absolutely superb courses for beginners and pros. This course is totally great for android developments but iOs dev was a big elephant for me. The tutor is making everything simple and easy to digest.
  • I am familiar with most of the things as I am a C# developer but this course still has too much to teach. There were a few elements with regard to Xamarin I have noted but it is still important for new comers.

NativeScript + Angular Build Native iOS, Best Courses for Android Applications & Web Apps

In these best courses, you will learn to build web apps, android applications, and iOS apps by simple NativeScript. This is going to be fun because this is the best android applications development course as it has 4.6 (1,208 ratings) 6,591 students so far.

You will be learning all kind to tricks and tips on NativeScript from a great teacher.

Some Reviews

  • Max is amazing, because he fields the information directly to the brain, and this android development course was really amazing and helpful, hope you like it too.
  • Very good and thorough android application development course on Nativescript and Angular to build mobile apps and web apps.

Android – Make a Professional Dictionary App from Scratch

These best courses are really simple but useful for building small level android applications. If you are looking for short course on building best android applications development then this course is a way to go.

You can learn to build English language dictionary android application and with this you can also get an idea to build other apps.

Responsive Android UI Design revealing the pro’s secrets

For building the best android applications you must know the basics of UI Design. This course is going to reveal awesome secrets to building cool android UI designs.

Some Reviews

  • These best android applications development courses were simply amazing! At first, I thought it was an advanced android development course until I started the course to discover how it started from basic to advanced,means it is totally for beginners.

Conclusion on Best Courses for Android Applications

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