Build A Website From Scratch: 5 HTML and CSS Courses

Here are the best courses for you to build a website from scratch. You must need these courses if you are an absolute beginner and looking to start your web development career.

These HTML and CSS courses can help you build an incredible website from scratch. As you know, these two languages are must for a web developer to learn. 

But at some point in your career, maybe after learning HTML and CSS, you will need to learn JavaScript.

JavaScript is most essential to learn for building amazing features and functions for your website.

After learning JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, you will also need to learn PHP for controlling your database and server manipulation.

Get your HTML courses to Build A Website From Scratch

This is the best collection of HTML and CSS courses you can find anywhere. Just download one of these courses and start your career as a developer.

The Complete HTML 5 Course

This complete HTML5 course is popular because it has 4.3 (746 ratings) 54,568 students so far.

  • In this high-quality course you will be learning each and every bit about HTML5
  • By the end of this complete HTML5 course, you will be able to Build A Website From Scratch.
  • Know how to work work with Audio, Video and other media formats in HTML5
  • Learn to create lists, buttons, links with your knowledge of HTML5.

Build front end of website from scratch by the power of this HTML5 course as it will teach you through practical work.

Some Reviews

  • I like the teacher for his simplest method of teaching HTML and CSS. But at some point, this HTML course has taught me to research about the problems which face during the coding.

Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3

This is a great great great HTML5 and CSS3 course you can find on Udemy. I would highly recommend you to download this course and build yourself a website from scratch.

Some Reviews

  • I have enjoyed Building Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 courses very much and looking forward to build my first website just from scratch. Jonas has been very good at explaining everything about HTML.

Start Coding! Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Get this three in one course now and build the website from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Create fully working websites and unlock your limitations and work with latest frameworks.

After learning HTML and CSS you will not stop on web development but you will also be able to create mobile apps with it.

Some Reviews

  • I feel like I’ve learned every bit of HTML in a short period. I just love the use of examples and choice of text editor for the HTML and CSS.
  • Each lesson of this course is well constructed and easy to follow along. The explanation is kept nice and simple for absolute beginners. Thank you.

HTML CSS Complete Guide Build a Website Like a Boss

Learn HTML and CSS to build your websites and mobile apps front end like a boss.

This course is best for you to build a website from scratch because it explains all the key approaches for creating a responsive web design. With this course you will be able to make websites and apps for every screen size device.

Some Reviews

  • Good insights from every angle into the usage of HTML5 and CSS3. Comprehensive and concise to the topic and easy to learn for every beginner who is looking for the right course for HTML.

Build A Responsive Website from Scratch Project #2 HTML, CSS & Javascript

In this course, you will be guided at every step in building responsive websites for yourself or for your clients and make money with it.

You will create the example website “holiday themed” from scratch using HTML, CSS. Not only that, you will also be able to add animations to your web pages and creat stunning layouts.

Some Reviews

  • Good HTML5 and CSS course on Udemy for learning some basic bootstrap.css or animation.css for making a responsive website just from scratch.


I hope you will find these HTML and CSS courses helpful in your journey to build website from scratch.

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