Building Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform

Download Building Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform course and create and manage cloud infrastructure as code.

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Description of Building Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform

Cloud computing has taken over the IT landscape and is soon to outpace on-premise and in-house data centers as companies are starting to realize the efficiencies, cost savings, and flexibility the cloud can provide.

Computing resources can be created and destroyed simply by calling an API. Entire virtual data centers can be created in a matter of minutes or hours.

Whether your company or application was born in the cloud or transitioning to the cloud, you need tools to build and manage your infrastructure. Terraform from Hashicorp is one such tool that allows you to declare infrastructure as code in a simple, easy to understand language.

Managing your infrastructure as code bridges the gap between dev and ops and provides an opportunity to include infrastructure management as part of the development lifecycle. When environments are declared in code they can be shared and used across your organization to provide consistent environments that align with your production environment.

Managing infrastructure as code also provides a far more robust process for managing and tracking infrastructure since these processes can now be incorporated into CI/CD tooling and other automation processes.

In this Building Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform course, I will teach you the fundamentals of Terraform using Amazon Web Services as an example. Together we will walk through the basics of Terraform and ultimately create real infrastructure in AWS along the way.

This Building Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform course makes use of the AWS Free Tier which offers the general public a certain number of FREE computing hours and storage space for one year. It is recommended that students sign up for an AWS Free Tier account.

Udemy and the author of this course are not liable for any cloud service provider charges you may incur while executing the exercises in this course. Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in building infrastructure in the cloud using code.

What you’ll learn

  • Create Infrastructure in AWS and other cloud providers using Terraform
  • Learn fundamental Terraform syntax
  • Configure Terraform providers for different Cloud Service Providers
  • Understand how to use variables, interpolations, and templates
  • Package Terraform code into re-usable modules
  • Bootstrap compute resources using Terraform Provisioners
  • Manage Terraform state both local and remote using AWS object storage

Some Reviews

This was when I had only completed about 10 % of the course – I have only started the course now, and so far the course has covered enough to get an idea of how and why Terraform is a good Infra-as-Code.

This was when I had completed about 60% of the course – I’m quite happy that I took this course. I had prior basic experience with Terraform. This course has been very helpful in bridging gaps in my understanding about how terraform works and how much it helps make your life easy. Definitely recommend the course even if it is just to brush up (for people with experience)

Finally, I finish the course – I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I’m going to revisit this to brush up on a few concepts if I happen to forget them in use.

Nice Terraform go-through course. Good to ramp-up on the topic.

The course is outdated and not updated. Terraform is in v0.12, and things have changed since v0.11 that is the version covered by this course. So the example syntax might be different.

Anyway, the user-cases covered enable a beginner to enter the topic quickly and get a general understanding in a short time.

The content is very good. However, the tutor should use the display properly as it is really hard to figure out what he is doing as the letter sizes are too small. (Especially, for the people who are having eye issues).

My suggestion for him to use a laptop or standard monitor which the majority is using for conduct lectures cause almost all the students are using laptops (around 15″ display). So that, the aspect ratio of the tutor and the student are not on the same page.

Thank you for educting me this usefull stuff.


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