Data Science & Machine Learning – Hands-on Data Science 2020

This is the best course for Data Science and Machine Learning. Take this course for the best understanding of Data Science & Machine Learning and explore the boundaries of Python.

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What you’ll learn in Data Science & Machine Learning

  • In this Python course, you will learn one of the most in-demand skills of 21st-century which is Data Science
  • After learning this course, you will be able to add data science skills like Python, NumPy, pandas, etc. in your resume.
  • Analyze large data by applying linear regression and logistics regression.
  • Learn to apply matrix operation with Numpy and Numerical python library with a great teacher
  • Experience and Visualize your data with mother of all visualization library available in Python which is Mataplotlib, if you want to become a great data scientist
  • Pandas library will be very beneficial for you as you will performing data analysis and cleaning with it.
  • Learn Plotly to get a better understanding of the interactive visualization library.
  • After Plotly, you will be introduced to another visualization tool Tableau.
  • Try hot stuff like data pre-processing technique, missing data, and normalization.
  • Use different sources and files to import data into Python
  • Download webpages and extract information from different websites with web scrapping
  • Learn data scaling and data transformation to analyze data from a different aspect


  • Basic of Python programming
  • High school mathematics


Welcome to Complete Ultimate course on Data Science and Machine learning with Python.

How amazon increases its sales and reliability by giving you item proposal

How Netflix and YouTube chooses for its user which film or video they should watch straightaway

Learn the science behind the Google translator, interpreting one language to another with such accuracy.

How Google and Youtube recognizes what is there in your photograph which matches someone else’s photograph or video

Learn how android and Siri recognizes your voice with high accuracy in this data science and machine learning course.

If you want to know how big websites use algorithms and machine learning, then this is the first course to begin toward this path.

Why Data Science Now?

Being data scientist is like having everything in the world because they make almost $130000 a year. Besides that, you do not have to face any issue in getting job as a Data Scientist as there is great demand in the industry.

If you want to download this course for your journey towards becoming Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer then go ahead.

This is the first course that will cover all the basics of data analysis, Machine learning and take you towards  AI algorithm implementation in a few golden hours.

This course will teach you every single library required to analyze data and machine learning such as Ploty, Matapoilit, Pandas, Tableau, NumPy, etc.

This course is for beginner and some experienced programmer who want to make career in Data Science and  Machine learning, AI.


  • basic knowledge in python programming
  • High School mathematics will be enough

Enrol in this Data Science and Machine Learning course, take look at the brief curriculum of this course and cross the limits of wonderful world of Data.

Who this Data Science and Machine Learning course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in learning Data Science and want to have a great job
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to analyze big data and find something productive
  • If you want to make a career in Data Analytics, Machine learning, Data Science and want a job in big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazing, etc.

Important detail

  • 4.3 (392 ratings) 7,423 students enrolled
  • Created by Ankit Mistry
  • Last updated 3/2020
  • English [Auto-generated]
  • Size: 4.2 GB

Some Reviews

  • It’s a really good course for data science beginners. Thanks for such a wonderful course.
  • I have studied python from other sources as well but here I found it more basic and easy to grab especially for the beginners. I can say its best course till now.
  • it can be improved by including some more examples and real life data but overall I would suggest every beginner to have this course.

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