Learn 5 Ethical Hacking courses free and Make Money

There are many ethical hacking courses free online, but in this article, I am going to give you top free udemy courses. You can download free ethical hacking courses and enjoy making money with it.

Here is the list of ethical hacking courses free 2020

free ethical hacking courses download 2020

All of these courses are excellent. I have tried some of these by myself and found them very informative. I hope you will love them and enjoy them as I did.

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Ethical Hacking With Python, JavaScript and Kali Linux

This course has 3.4 (115 ratings) and 10,419 students enrolled so far. You will learn to hack through real World practices.

You will learn to use Wireshark and live penetration as well. Here you will get complete knowledge about the penetration operating system Kali Linux.

It is best when it comes to cracking WPA networks. Great plugins like Man in the Middle are well taught in these ethical hacking courses free.

Some Reviews

  • Really, really good free udemy course so far. I’m on lesson 7 and believe me everything is getting clear and well explained.
  • The free ethical hacking course is well laid out, from using Kali to Python and Javascript for the purposes of hacking.

Practical Free Ethical Hacking – The Complete Course

This practical ethical hacking course is very special because it has 4.7 (8,050 ratings) and 99,668 students enrolled so far.

In this course, you will learn everything practically along with the correct explanation of the contents. There are many things that students learn in free ethical hacking courses but they never implement them practically.

But in this course, you will focus on tools that can make you a money-making hacker.  This course is well managed and will help you in various fields.

Some Reviews

  • The best ethical hacking courses free I have downloaded on Udemy. I did not get bored but actually enjoyed the content.
  • Easy to understand, labs are quite hands-on and I love that the course dives into Active Directory attacks — I don’t see that in any other course on this platform.

Complete Ethical Hacking Course- Beginner to Advanced

This is another amazing ethical hacking course with 4.3 (25,326 ratings) and 270,453 students enrolled so far.

In this course you will gain the ability to do high-quality ethical hacking and penetration testing by downloading this free course! Here you will get great knowledge from an experienced expert about every single thing.

You learn the complete basics of Linux, Tor, cracking wifi, and known vulnerabilities.

Udemy link for this course: https://www.udemy.com/course/penetration-testing/

Some Reviews

  • I like his way of teaching. He is a very funny and genius man. I need more lectures like this please.
  • Just started to watch the videos and already very excited and motivated to get all the skills I don’t have
  • Easy to follow vids.
  • Active instructor to answer any questions.
  • Some things are outdated, thus you need to look online to find your answers.

Hacking in Practice Certified Ethical Hacking MEGA Course

This course has a rating of 3.9 (2,913 ratings) and students enrolled 31,150.

These ethical hacking courses free are best for everyone, it does not matter how expert you are.

Some Reviews

  • Lots of information for anybody to learn also offers lots to explore. I’m always seeking for the next lesson.
  • This course wasn’t a bad idea. I had to listen to the SQL injection lectures for repetitive time to get a better idea.

Learn Ethical Hacking Advance Level Using Kali Linux

Some Reviews

  • This was the first time I took an ethical hacking course. Out of too many free ethical hacking courses out there I came across a wonderful instructor. He elaborated every single thing so clearly that anyone would be able to understand all the concepts. I would recommend this course to every person who is starting a career in ethical hacking.
  • I really enjoyed this course. Also, I am going to take more courses by this instructor.

Conclusion to Free Ethical Hacking courses

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