6 Free Graphic Designing Course Download and Start Freelancing

Graphic design is an art of creating unique and touching visuals and drawings. In this article, each free graphic designing course will contribute to your career building.

But one thing you must know that graphic designing never going to get old. It has been there from the start.

By taking these courses you will learn how you can build beautiful and stunning Blogs, mobile apps interfaces, and animating short videos for social media marketing.

If you want to make money through freelancing websites than graphic designing is a must for you to learn. You can get long term and high paying jobs through free graphic designing course.

Here is the list of top free graphic designing course of 2020

list of top free graphic designing course of 2020

Learn Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass and start freelancing

You will learn to design logos and vector illustrations in this free graphic designing course. Master to convert photographs into vector format. Learn to design infographics and start making money through freelancing.

This course is for helping total beginners and for the people who want more knowledge of graphic design.

Trust me if you are going to download this course then you are going to boost your career within days.

Some Reviews:

  • This is an excellent free graphic designing course that is easy to understand and follow for beginners like me, I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a great start in illustrator.
  • I really feel like I got what I was looking for in this Course. And I am so lucky to get an amazing teacher who is very talented and there is no doubt.

Here is the link to download:

Download Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – for Beginners & Beyond Course and make money

You will learn to do fun and Iconic Logo Designs with this free course of graphic designing. Learn how to draw logos that fulfill your customer needs.

Above 14,815 students and 4.5 (2,543 ratings) make this course very popular in graphic designing.

Some Reviews:

  • Excellent course!!!. Feeling very very lucky to have this free course of graphic designing and very best teacher.
  • I recommend THIS free COURSE if you are interested in LOGO DESIGN. Great tricks and hacks to explain logo design very easily.

Download most valuable course for your career here:

Download Master Web Design in Photoshop Course

If you want to create useful and professional website designs for freelancing or for your own business then here is a free course of graphic designing.

Take this course and improve your knowledge of web designing to its best.

Some Reviews:

  • This is fantastic, anyone who is serious to learn about web design must try this free course, he has given his best to provide various tips and tricks on web designing.
  • I am learning to get the best job even though I just started this graphic designing course.

Book Cover Designing Photoshop for Beginners

Now designing book covers is also a popular niche for freelancing. You should try this course for getting no stop jobs for designing book covers, flyers, visiting cards, and vouchers, etc.

Some Reviews:

  • Great graphic designing free course, I learned a lot as a completer beginner on photoshop and made some great book cover skills.
  • This course is really good for graphics designers. The fast pace worked perfectly for me as I am not totally new to PhotoShop.

Graphic Design Mastery- The FULL Branding & Design Process

You will learn to create amazing graphic designs for brands and ad graphics for top businesses. This free graphic designing course is one the best you have seen so far.

Some Reviews:

  • I’ve always admired Lindsay’s graphic designing courses, and this course really great. It helped me a lot in improving some of my skills during my branding creative content.
  • This course has helped me propel my graphics designs into another level. I am obliged for your amazing direction.

The Ultimate Photoshop & Graphic Design Course Free! 2020

This is a super special free course for photoshop mastery.

Some Reviews:

  • I have done the Ultimate Photoshop & free Graphic Designing Course 2020. Houssem Nmiri is an excellent tutor for studying Adobe Photoshop skills.
  • Absolutely this course has helped me a lot in understanding the photoshop form A to Z.

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