Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Download Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer course and get hands-on with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and become a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE).

What you’ll learn

  • Set up a Google Cloud environment, including billing accounts, projects, tools, access, and security.
  • Plan, configure, implement, deploy, monitor, and manage solutions in the Google Cloud.
  • Get familiar with using the Google Cloud through both the console and the command-line.
  • Pass the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.
  • Build a strong foundation for other GCP certification exams.


  • You should understand the basic concepts of Cloud Computing.
  • No coding experience is required and code is provided for use in labs where necessary.
  • You’ll need some form of computer—Desktop/Laptop/Chromebook computer.
  • Please note that a mobile phone screen may be fine for viewing this course, but you’ll want something larger for the labs.
  • A willingness to do labs and other homework is required. This Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification course is hands-on and interactive. Active, motivated students will get a lot out of this course. Passive students will struggle and should not take this course.

Description of Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Google Cloud is growing quickly as companies increasingly adopt multi-cloud strategies. It was once again named a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant, and demand for people with Google Cloud skills is running high. To meet this demand and help organizations identify knowledgeable talent, Google has created their Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

This course is targeted at efficiently teaching the skills required by the ACE certification—namely deploying applications, monitoring operations, and managing enterprise solutions. It also helps students demonstrate those skills through certification. The certification requires candidates be able to use both the GCP console and the command-line to perform many common platform-based tasks, but this course does not require students to already have experience with either, going in.

This Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification course is also designed to give students the solid foundation of GCP capability that they will need to later build toward the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect (PCA) certification–which was recently named as 2019’s top-paying IT certification.

This course will prepare you to:

  • Set-up and configure Google Cloud accounts using best practices.
  • Use GCP services like Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and Kubernetes Engine in your everyday work.
  • Pass the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.

No coding experience is required and code used for labs is provided.

Who this course is for:

  • Sysadmins or other individuals who want to learn how to configure and manage Google Cloud systems and demonstrate those abilities through certification.
  • Developers who want to leverage Google Cloud for the applications they build.
  • Architects and technical managers who want to get hands-on and “stay honest” with the technology.

Some Reviews

Good course, I haven’t taken the practice exams yet (or the real) but I think I am really on my way to pass those. The Kubernetes part is also very informative but the tone of that course could be a bit less tongue in cheek.

Very well structured Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification course and the authors have a lot of attention in making the student really learn from each subject leaving lots of references from shallow to deep. Many thanks to Cloud Guru for making a course with that quality.

Before I take this course I had no knowledge but now I would say I am entering the cloud. Now, I have knowledge about GCP and Kubernetes. I loved this course and recommend everyone who wants to enter Cloud architecture.

I already passed 2 AWS Associate certifications + 2 Azure Architecte Certifications (AZ 300 + AZ 301). Therefore I am demanding now. Frankly, this Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification course brings me a lot of new information. I also enjoy comparisons with AWS. The level of the facilitators is really good since they make students comfortable with the path in front of them. Good Job! I will add this certification to my personal board!

I used this to prep for the ACE exam (which I just passed this weekend). The K8s material and the practice tests were particularly helpful and this went much more in-depth than what I saw from the official materials. Worth the money! Would recommend coupling it with Qwiklabs


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