Kotlin for Java Developers 2020

Download Kotlin for Java Developers 2020 course. Use your Java skills to learn Kotlin fast. Enhance career prospects and master Kotlin, including Java interoperability.

Kotlin for Java Developers 2020

Description of Kotlin for Java Developers 2020

Are you a Java developer wondering if you need to learn Kotlin?

Maybe you are an experienced Java developer who wants to learn Kotlin quickly, to be prepared for future project work.

Perhaps instead, you’re an Android app developer who knows Java well, but you want to be able to move forward with Kotlin for new Android development work.

Well, with Google’s recent focus on Kotlin for Android app development, this language has been launched into the mainstream, and you can be sure you will be seeing a lot more about it. It’s also highly likely that you will be working with Kotlin in your Java projects in the near future.

Because Kotlin works anywhere Java works, and can even be called from Java code (and vice-versa), this brings with it a massive opportunity for Java developers. Being able to work with both Java and Kotlin is going to give you a massive advantage over other programmers.

This Kotlin for Java Developers 2020 course was designed to teach Java developers how to use Kotlin in the shortest possible time.

Sarah Ettritch, your course instructor, is an experienced Java and Kotlin developer, with many years of software development experience. She is uniquely qualified to teach you how to use this powerful and exciting language.

While you won’t learn Android app development in this course, you will learn Kotlin, and also the key differences between Kotlin and Java.

There is an entire section dedicated to Java interoperability, which is vital for all Java developers to learn.

In addition, the Kotlin syntax is explored in detail.

Over sixteen hours of videos are included in the Kotlin for Java Developers 2020 course, making it one of the most comprehensive courses on the language.

Now is the perfect time for you to learn Kotlin, while it’s relatively new.  It has been around for a while, but only now is it being thrust into the limelight.

It’s absolutely vital for Java developers to learn Kotlin to maximize future career opportunities. Objective-C developers who failed to transition to Swift, or were too slow doing so, were left behind. Don’t make the same mistake they did!

If you are ready to greatly increase your career prospects by adding Kotlin’s experience to your skills and knowledge, then sign up for the Kotlin for Java Developers 2020 course today.

Who this course is for:

  • Java programmers wanting to learn Kotlin

What you’ll learn

  • Create Kotlin programs
  • Understand the differences between Java and Kotlin
  • Understand how Java and Kotlin programs interoperate

Some Reviews

Perfect course! Exactly what is needed if you are switching from Java to Kotlin. Good thing is that it is a general Kotlin course, so you are not constrained to the Android or any other platform.

It is a long course, but worth every second

This course is a very good introduction for kotlin especially if you come from a java background, it introduces the main concepts in a a clear and simple way, i recommend it for any programmer who wants to get to start using kotlin.

As a long time java developer who has been interested in Kotlin this was exactly what I needed. Covered all the core topics of interest and made it easy for me to quickly progress through the Kotlin for Java Developers 2020 course. highly recommended for any current Java developers who want to get up to speed quickly on Kotlin.

Great course for Java developers transitioning to Kotlin. I believe even developers coming from other languages besides Java can definitely benefit from taking this course. I do wish there were more structured opportunities to apply all the concepts covered.

I was hoping for small and simple applications as opposed to the coding challenges. Nonetheless an awesome Kotlin for Java Developers 2020 course!


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