Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project

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Download Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project course. Build a small Project using Laravel 7 to get you started on the fundamentals (over 10000 Students enrolled)

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Description of Learn Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project

Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project

This is a comprehensive Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project Course which uses the Latest Version of Laravel and is up to date with the current documentation, so that you are not left behind figuring the correct documentation yourself.

The Course is currently divided into 2 Sections. In the first section, we will build a CRUD Application which will help you understand the basics of Laravel. If you are new to Laravel and looking to get started on it, then this Section is for you. Some of the topics that we will cover in the initial section include:

  • Installation
  • Routing
  • Views
  • Blade Templates
  • Layouts
  • Controllers
  • Database
  • Eloquent Models
  • Migration
  • Middleware
  • Validation
  • Form Requests
  • Authentication
  • Gates & Policies
  • Tinker
  • Artisan CLI

In the 2nd section,  we will enhance our CRUD Application. This Section covers topics which involves topics which are just a bit more advanced than Basics. In doing so we will cover following topics:

  • Factories
  • Seeders
  • Global Scope
  • Customizing Route Model Binding
  • Mutators & Accessors
  • Email
  • File Upload
  • Events & Listeners
  • Soft Deletes
  • Admin Namespacing and Routing

Real-World Examples are followed while explaining these concepts so that you can easily relate to them in Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project course. LIVE Project is being built so that you can follow the thought process and learn the best practices.

Who this course is for:

  • PHP Developer looking to Learn Laravel

What you’ll learn

  • build applications using Laravel 7
  • how to Install Laravel
  • how to build CRUD Application
  • about Blade Templates
  • how to use Artisan CLI and Tinker
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Advanced Validation using Form Request
  • about Eloquent Models
  • about Resource Controller
  • about Factory & Seeders
  • how to Upload Files & Create Thumbnails
  • how to Send Emails using Markables
  • Events & Listeners

Some Reviews

This is a great introduction to Laravel, especially if you’re already strong with Vanilla PHP. This Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project course will open your eyes as to some of the great tools offered by the awesome Laravel framework. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, use Laravel along with all of its amazing tools and functions.

This is probably the most complete Laravel 7 course available and I am satisfied with it. I would like to thank the course instructor. I really like this course.

It’s really good teaching method, straight to the point where i want to learn fast and accurate.

The Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project Course was designed to help those who are looking to get started and I choose the example which is fairly common. Glad that you liked it.

Though, the Laravel 7 by building a CRUD Project course is starting from a very beginning, but it is also great for seasoned developer learning Laravel for first time. The course covers all concepts to make you an independent Laravel developer who can develop anything using Laravel.

You are an enthusiastic and awesome teacher. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot, not only Laravel but other development tools that can help building great applications. The course is well organized, well structured and easy to follow along. Thank you so much for making this course.

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