5 Best Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free

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Almost everyone in the world grows up watching cartoon animation. These Best Cartoon Animation Software Courses you can download For Free and complete you childhood dreams. Cartoon animation is always beautiful, and it takes a little effort to master this skill.

These best animation software courses will help you create stunning motion graphics. Not only that, but you can also get a great job in the character animation niche.

There are many benefits of being an expert in animations:

  • You can create your Youtube channel and post your animated videos on the channel.
  • Also, you can make videos for your clients and get paid through handsome money.

Trust me people are always looking for someone to create motion graphics for them.

List of Best Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free

list of Best Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free

Take one of these courses and work hard to become a successful cartoon animator. Don’t forget to leave a comment regarding cartoon animation courses.

If want to improve your skills as graphic designer before animating characters then take these free graphic designing courses.

After Effects CC: 2D Character Animation – Puppet & Rig Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free

You can master the Adobe After Effects for 2D character animation with this free Udemy course.

  • 4.5 (205 ratings)
  • 23,684 students enrolled

This is a totally unique 2D animation course for absolute beginners and it is full of amazing tips and tricks. You will be able to rig and model a character from scratch after taking this course.

Learn new concepts and tools for creating unique 2D cartoon animation in After Effects CC.

Some Reviews

  • This course surely worth spending money as it teaches you about how pins work along with mesh and rigging and gives you a complete idea and sense of animation.

After Effects: Simple Character Animation & Motion Graphics

These Cartoon Animation Software Courses will teach you to create cartoons or characters in Adobe Photoshop or illustrator and put them into action using Adobe After Effects CC for free.

Then in Adobe After Effects CC you will be able to give the character animations like blinking, walking, and talking etc.

These characters then will be ready to use in your videos and animation projects.

Some Reviews

  • It had really fun with this cartoon animation course as the instructor has a really nice and elegant way of teaching animations.

After Effects CC 2020: Complete Course from Novice to Expert

This course is completely based on practical work, such as you will watch the teacher build 250+ projects.

These are not just common Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free, but these are totally professional and hand-on practice courses where you will create serious cartoon animations.

Some Reviews

  • I can’t explain enough how this course can change the life of anyone looking for a head start in animating. I am also learning to animate in school but after taking this course it seems I know more than they teach us at school.

3D Animation with Blender 2.8 for beginners

In these Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free, you will get a character, environment and related material already made in the Blender.

This course is designed for anyone interested to build 3D animations. This course will teach you to pose the given 3D character asset.

Some Reviews

  • This 3D Animation with Blender 2.8 for beginners course is the second version of “Create Your Own Character in Blender” course. It is an honour for me to have this course for detail explanation of animation in Blender.

Architectural Design & Animation in Blender 2.8x Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free

Welcome to these free Udemy courses for stunning architectural design and beautiful animation in Blender. You will be creating realist buildings and then animate them for your advertisement and video commercials.

We begin by laying out the 2D floor plan, an essential step for those looking to control the design aspect of their projects. 

This modelling will begin from lay out of the second floor, which is necessary step to design a model of a building.

Some Reviews

  • I appreciate the teacher for updating the Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free and for explaining the details.


I love animations as much you people do and I have taken many courses on animations especially for Blender. These Cartoon Animation Software Courses For Free are best for beginners when you have made up your mind for learning animations.

We wish you to create happy and stunning animations.

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