Microsoft Excel tricks (MacBook & Windows) beginner-advanced

Learn advance and amazing Microsoft Excel tricks to increase your speed with implementing functions, formulas, data analytics, and charts, and maximize your productivity.

What you’ll learn

  • This course offers more than 40 Microsoft Excel tricks that will help you a lot.
  • You will be taught about the Microsoft Excel Functions and Formulas, such as convert, unique, choose, and filter, etc.
  • Tricks, like adding your picture in charts, taking transpose, filled map, and much more, are the top beginner’s tricks in Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn to get data from websites, adding advanced filters are the best features in Microsoft Excel for data analysis
  • You will also learn the professional and most in-demand tricks for business, forecast, scenario management, etc.
  • Learn to construct formulas in Microsoft Excel for tracking changes in different fields of life.
  • There are many shortcuts explained in this course that are going to be very helpful in your career.
  • Learn to use universal shortcuts and formulas of Microsoft Excel to MS Word.
  • Learn to organize substantial data charts in tables.
  • For generating interactive reports in Excel, you must learn to use Pivot Tables and visualization tools.
  • Download this course to get unlimited access to Microsoft Excel tricks and quizzes.

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  • To follow this course along you will need a normal PC or MacBook
  • Having software like Microsoft Excel or Google SpreadSheet installed is the primary requirement

Description of MICROSOFT EXCEL TRICKS and Hacks

This course is rich with amazing Microsoft Excel quizzes, exercises, tricks, workbooks, etc.

Microsoft Excel is never going to get old, as it is a very important tool for every data analyzing technique. The truth behind this tool is that it is really powerful and used for extremely high-quality results.

If you take this course, then for sure, your life is going to change in data analysis. The knowledge of Microsoft Excel tricks is very handy in almost every area of your life. Every tool used in analyzing data sets is explained with very delicate accuracy.

You can never remember every function by heart, but by taking this course, at least you will be able to know which function does what?

We will also will be touching those aspects

  • Process Microsoft Excel Interface for detail knowledge
  • Learn Microsoft Excel basic skills such as Autofill, and many Shortcuts for quick working
  • Data skills are important to learn for importing, finding and replacing text, linking text, and much more.
  • You will be dealing with Visualization, formating, and formulas that are our focus topics.
  • Learn and create smart tables and pivot tables as extra skills in Microsoft Excel tricks.

Long story short if you are interested in understanding the top features like creating formulas and functions according to situations, data visualization, data analysis, etc. in Excel then download this course now.

Use any version of Microsoft Excel or Google SpreadSheet and any PC or smartphone for the implementation of what you will learn here.


All the resources provided in this beautiful constructed course are absolutely free to download. These google drive links are fast than any other cloud based drive for downloading. You must consider this elegantly designed course for the better future in data analysis and visualization in Microsoft Excel.

This Microsoft Excel tricks course was created on Microsoft Excel for Macbook 2016 but it will surely work with any device and software update.

Who this Microsoft Excel Tricks and Hacks course is for:

  • Anyone with little bit understanding of MS Excel can take this course and master MS Excel
  • For every person who wants his basic skill in Excel to become professional
  • This course is suitable for all the persons related to the fields like Entrepreneurs, Teachers, office workers etc. but they should have spirit to learn Excel
  • Anyone who has huge data to analyze and process in Excel
  • For all the students, who are looking for a better job, they should learn this course and earn living while studying in college
  • This course is perfect if you want to expand your analytics skills and work in an efficient way
  • Anyone who wants to take their Data Entry career to a new level should download this MS Excel course
Download for best understanding of huge data sets

Important Detail

  • 4.1 (49 ratings) 16,088 students enrolled
  • Created by Denis Kulikov
  • Last updated 5/2020
  • English [Auto-generated]
  • Size: 1.4 GB


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