Optimization Using Pattern Search Method – MATLAB Programming

Download Optimization Using Pattern Search Method – MATLAB Programming course to understand the core concepts to analyze data.

What you’ll learn

  • Running direct search optimization problems in MATLAB
  • Specifying objective functions
  • Specifying constraints
  • Vectorizing objective function and constraints
  • Obtaining local and global optima
  • Parallel computing


  • MATLAB installed in your laptop/desktop computer

Description of Optimization Using Pattern Search Method – MATLAB Programming

Optimization Using Pattern Search Method - MATLAB Programming

This course introduces applied direct search optimization in the MATLAB environment, focusing on using Global Optimization Toolbox. Various kinds of optimization problems are solved in this course. At the end of this course, you will be able to solve the optimization problems using the MATLAB. The complete MATLAB programs included in the class are also available for download.  Happy learning.

NB: This course is designed most straightforwardly to utilize your time wisely.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested to solve optimization problems.
  • Researchers who want to publish ISI papers in this field.
  • Students who are working on optimization problems.
  • Why would you take this course?
  1. Learn about numerical & symbolic computing using MATLAB.
  2. Enhance your problem-solving skills in the field of programming and building Algorithms in MATLAB.
  3. Implement MATLAB in your work and research. 

* Optimization Using Pattern Search Method Course Topics Overview *

  • MATLAB is a leading software in numerical computing and building algorithms that is widely used by Engineers, Programmers,  Researchers, Teachers, Colleges and Entrepreneurs.
  • In this course you will start learning MATLAB :
  1. By creating and manipulating Matrices which are the key for MATLAB programming.
  2. You will learn how to use MATLAB in some Elementary Mathematics Problems.
  3. After that comes the Graphics section in which you will learn how to use MATLAB to produce 2D & 3D graphs.
  4. You will also learn how to build 2D animations in MATLAB.
  5. In the programming section you will learn how to use MATLAB as a programming language to build your own Algorithms.
  6. You will learn how to import and analyze data to MATLAB.
  7. You will get introduced to the symbolic capabilities of MATLAB.
  • We will also simulate in the MATLAB using simulink tool circuits which is helpful for electrical engineering students especially power engineering students such as AC-DC, DC-AC, AC-AC and DC-DC converter circuits.
  • We will explain those circuits which are from Ahmed Mahdy course of power electronics.
  • As an example you will learn the simulation using MATLAB of:
  1. Single phase half wave controlled rectifier.
  2. Single phase bridge controlled rectifier.
  3. Single phase AC chopper with R and RL load.
  4. DC-DC converter as buck regulator.
  5. Boost regulator.
  6. Buck-Boost regulator.
  7. Single phase half bridge inverter.
  8. Single phase bridge inverter.
  9. Three Phase Inverter.

Updated And New Lectures In 10/2019

  • You will learn simulation of PV cell in solar energy using Simulink tool in MATLAB.
  • You will learn about separately excited DC Machines and how to:

1- Model the DC machine in no load case using Simulink in MATLAB.

2- Model the DC machine in presence of load torque using Simulink in MATLAB.

3- Simulating the DC machine using power library from Simulink in MATLAB.

  • You will learn about Induction motors as:

1- Construction and principle of operation of induction motor.

2- Torque-speed characteristics of induction motor.

3- Equivalent circuit and power flow of induction motor.

4- Simulation of induction motor using simulink in MATLAB.

  • Complete the course lectures, examples, quizzes and assignments in MATLAB and you will be able to distinguish your self as a MATLAB user & Programmer. 

Thank you and hope to see you in our course for MATLAB 🙂

Some Reviews

I was expecting more on the sides of simulations of closed-loop DC switchgear circuits in Simulink.

I would like you guys to add them if it’s possible. Also is it possible to make a MATLAB to calculate the energy needed to charge the battery and also supply payload required power from the solar panel when considering satellite?

I was really very happy and interested throughout the course lecture and hoping you will come up with new and another contents in advanced programming in MATLAB +Simulink which contains untouched parts of the software. Thank You!!

yes it is really good till now ,as i have not completed the whole course. There are so much functions in Matlab are covered with examples which i didn’t learn in college though Matlab is part of mine course syllabus. Thanks!


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