Programming in Blazor ASP.NET Core 5

Download Programming in Blazor ASP.NET Core 5 course now. Create interactive web applications with C#.

Programming in Blazor ASP.NET Core 5

Description of Programming in Blazor ASP.NET Core 5

Blazor is a Microsoft technology that allows us to make interactive web applications with C# without using JavaScript.

In this course we will learn to develop web applications with Blazor.

Throughout the course we will create an application applying what has been learned.

We will go from the basics to the advanced. We will create forms, components,  entities, relations with our entities, and user system with roles and more.

We will use an ASP.NET Core 5 application to serve our Blazor project, and with Entity Framework Core 5 we will create our database.

In the end, we will use Azure services, such as Azure App Service and Azure DevOps, to publish our application to production.

Who this course is for:

  • C# developers who want to build complex web applications
  • JavaScript developers that do not want to use JavaScript anymore
  • Front-End developers
  • Back-End developers who want to use C# on the Front-End


  • C# Fundamentals (functions, variables, loops, the basics)
  • HTML and CSS Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

  • Develop web applications using C# and Blazor
  • Use Azure DevOps to deploy Blazor apps
  • Create a Database using Entity Framework Core
  • Create a user system that uses roles

Reviews on Programming in Blazor ASP.NET Core 5

An entertaining and well-rounded course covering the fundamentals of Blazor and programming in general. Knowing how to migrate code between templates will be useful also if I ever happen to choose the wrong Blazor template for a project. I can now write both web assembly and server apps for my enterprise using this reference. Thank you.

Masterpiece of a course! Covers everything from the beginning to advanced topics. Really useful sections on creating practical components, like paginated grid for example. It will help if you have a knowledge of C# and maybe some experience with MVC. It moves very quickly so you will probably have to go back over sections.

I’m really glad I took this Programming in Blazor ASP.NET Core 5 course. I would say, I am now ready to develop my next project using blazor. I updated my review to 5 star as the instructor keep updating this course to .net 5 🙂

Because I’m new to Blazor and Razor Pages – stepping through a sample application was very good. How to handle Dual-Architecture was great. Showed how you could have the two without having to decide one or the other.

I was able to understand the concepts of Blazor client and web app and develop the Blazor app. If you follow Felipe’s teachings, you will be able to develop any Blazor app.


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