Developing Single Page Applications From HTML To Ruby On Rails To React.js

From HTML To Ruby On Rails To React.js you will be Developing Single Page Applications.

What you’ll learn

  • Ruby on Rails 6 and React 16.8 web application development


  • Knowledge of Ruby language, HTML, CSS and javaScript ES6+ and experience developing web applications are required though those concepts will be explained in the course..


Developing Single Page Applications From HTML To Ruby On Rails To React.js

React.js is the web development library of choice by many web developer and there is still a huge demand for React developers. Also, Ruby on Rails is now a mature web development framework still favoured by start-ups. With the Rails 6, it is very easy to develop front-end applications in JavaScript. Combining these two technologies gives developers powerful tools to develop full-stack web applications.

I’m Emmanuel Asante, a freelance developer and the creator of comprehensive Rails testing courses using Rails, RSpec and Capybara, and this course is no different.

This Developing Single Page Applications From HTML To Ruby On Rails To React.js course will show you, step-by-step, how to take static HTML pages and turn them into a dynamic application using the awesome Ruby on Rail 6 framework. You will learn to build a fully functional application with authentication and authorization and deployed to Heroku.

With the Rails application deployed, we switch gears and learn step-by-step how to turn the Rails application into a single-page application using React.js. This second part will give you an awesome experience with the great React library. You will go from an absolute beginner to a pro by the time you are done with the course. You will learn how to create components, manage state, use advanced features of react-router-dom to switch views. Authentication and authorization will be covered. Also, you will learn about and use React hooks and advanced concepts such as higher-order components to simplify our code. 

What is so cool about this course is the fact that you can just start with the React development part if you so desire and you won’t be lost in it. The course is loaded with many hands-on coding challenges. By the time you are done with the course, you will be a Rails and React pro. Guaranteed! Come along with me on this amazing journey and you will be glad you did.

Who this Developing Single Page Applications From HTML To Ruby On Rails To React.js course is for:

  • Developers and designers who want to take static HTML pages and learn how to convert that to a Ruby on Rails 6 application and eventually change the front-end to a React application.

Some Reviews

  • I’m about half way through the class. I’m learning a tremendous amount of rails as I code along. Each lesson is short with easy, small steps. Mr. Asante explains everything slowly and extremely clearly. I’m having no trouble following along and understanding his instructions. One caveat, however: I would not consider this a good class for a raw beginner. It’s really good for someone who’s already had some basic Rails and React.
  • so glad to finally have an instructor that stays on top of current ruby/rails versions.


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