Terraform on Azure Free Udemy Course

Download Terraform on Azure Free Udemy Course and become a DevOps expert using Terraform on Azure. Deploy services like CosmosDB, Kubernetes, SQL Server, MySQL, AD.

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Description of Terraform on Azure Free Udemy Course

Terraform on Azure Free udemy course

Terraform allows you to write your cloud setup in code. If you have used Azure before, you’ll know that setting up your infrastructure using the Azure Portal (the Web UI) is far from ideal.

Terraform allows you to use Infrastructure as Code, rather than executing the steps manually by going through the correct steps in the Azure Portal.

This Terraform on Azure Free udemy course will teach you how to write HCL, the HashiCorp Configuration Language, to bring up your infrastructure on Azure. Terraform is cloud-agnostic, so the terraform skills learned in this course are easily transferrable to other cloud providers.

After teaching you the terraform basics, the course will continue setting up simple architectural patterns, like VMs, to get you used to how to terraform works. Once you have a good feeling of how you can use Terraform, we dive a bit deeper into the possible Azure Services you can spin up, like Autoscaling, LoadBalancing, MSSQL & MySQL, CosmosDB, Storage Accounts, Azure AD, and others.

Also covered is advanced terraform usage, like using remote state, for/for each loops, and conditionals/functions.

Our mission is to ensure you can start using Terraform with Azure in your organization to automate the provisioning of cloud infrastructure. After taking this Terraform on Azure Free udemy course, you’ll have a solid basis of Terraform and Azure!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone using Azure wanting to use Terraform to provision their infrastructure resources

What you’ll learn

  • Terraform basics
  • How to deploy Azure infrastructure
  • How to provision Azure Services using Terraform
  • Setting up a managed Kubernetes service (AKS) with terraforming and deploy an app on it with Azure DevOps Pipelines
  • Learn about Resource Groups, Virtual Networking, ScaleSets, LoadBalancers, AutoScaling, MSSQL/MySQL databases, Azure ActiveDirectory, CosmosDB, and other Azure

Some Reviews

Excellent fast dive into infrastructure as code on Azure with Terraform. Gets you going fast in the real world.

There were places where there was a rush to complete the topic. Due to the language at times it was difficult to comprehend the concepts. Overall, most of the topics were covered which was the superb part of this Terraform on Azure Free udemy course.

Thanks Edward, this is more detailed compared to your EKS course. You have raised the bar again.

Great educational experience on the azure features and how to implement those via programmatic way.

Excellent. Very good explanations and hands-on examples. Great and very relevant demo of AKS K8s TF provisioning and Azure DevOps pipelines at the end of the course.

The best Terraform on Azure Free udemy course you can buy for Terraform and Azure, Jorn, and Ward are amazing teachers, All explanations are very clear, and the course focuses on good points about Terraform and Azure.


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