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The Complete Copywriting Course

Description of Complete Copywriting Course Write to Sell Like a Pro


Do you struggle to make sense of all the info out there? 

Do you waste hours — sometimes days — fumbling over your words, then wonder why your copy STILL sounds stilted?


You sit down to write but the words don’t come.

When they do, they sound floppy, lifeless, flat on the page. 

Worse, you feel kinda greasy, gloopy — a little bit ‘scuzzy’.

And even though you’ve studied blog post after blog post.

…Read a few copywriting books.

…Fallen down endless YouTube rabbit holes.

…Maybe taken other copywriting courses – eek!!

There’s still one issue.

Your copy isn’t working.

It’s not generating the clicks, shares, downloads and SALES you know you deserve.

If that sounds about right, then keep reading…

Imagine having everything you need in one place.  One best-selling course where you could get:

– Expert tips to give you a competitive advantage…

– Repeatable formulas and timeless sales psychology tactics…

– Scientifically-proven techniques to boost your confidence…

– Fun, interactive copy missions to help you lock down the info…

– Brilliantly handy templates you can overwrite… time and time again…

If you want to learn how to write really great copy — quickly and efficiently — sign up to The Complete Copywriting Course, today. 

With 17,000+ students, a consistent rating of 4.6 out of 5-star reviews and THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews.. you can rest assured you’ll be good hands.

★★★★★ As an absolute beginner, I found it to be incredibly useful in understanding the fundamentals of an essential part of online business. Thank you for offering such a comprehensive course.” Ross Cessna

★★★★★ “Short, straight to the point and an excellent course for anyone who is new to copywriting. Tons of useful tips and tools that I know will make a huge difference in my writing from now on. I’m over the moon excited about putting everything I’ve learned into practice:-)” Marita Marcolongo

No other course on Udemy gives you all the fundamental tactics you need — in just three hours. 

No faff, no nonsense.

Just binge-worthy video tutorials, packed with fun, easy-to-remember missions, tools and techniques.

Let me emphasise that again… EASY-T0-REMEMBER… That’s key to your success, right?

If you’ve taken other copywriting courses and found them to be too long, too drawn out, too theoretical… and you’re STILL not seeing results?  It’s probably because it’s impossible to absorb all the information.

Which is a shame.

Because learning how to write persuasive copy has the potential to change everything for you. 

Check out some reviews from my lovely students below.

See for yourself how people are already seeing wonderful results after taking The Complete Copywriting Course — THE BEST-SELLING COPYWRITING COURSE ON UDEMY!

★★★★★Best copywriting course on Udemy! Practical and easy-to-follow.” Carys. S.

★★★★★ “Amazing course! I learned so much. The lessons were light and beautifully explained,the visuals also helped a lot. The information is relevant and applicable, I started taking action immediately. I loved Tamsin’s personality and her voice was easy to listen to. I liked that certain things were repeated in various sections, it solidified the information in my head. I will certainly be going over the lessons. This course gave FAR more value than it costs. I would highly recommend it and will be on hunt for any other content this instructor has out there. Thank you Tamsin!”  Christina F-Thomas

WELCOME and great to see you here!

My name’s Tam and I’m the copywriter behind some of Udemy’s best-selling courses.

My marketing career spans 18 years. For six of those, I’ve been running a successful copywriting business. The flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere, at any time, is what gets me bouncing out of bed every morning.

On top of that, doing something creative that feeds my inner science geek AND pays the bills? Couldn’t ask for anything better.

I believe copywriting is THE most useful (yet underrated) skill ANYONE can have.  And I genuinely can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or what your goal is… it’s your words that win hearts, minds and pockets. 

You could be an app developer, a solopreneur, a digital marketer, a VA, a warehouse manager, a freelance fashion designer, a florist, an IT engineer, a business coach, a high-flying CEO, an artisan baker, an inventor, a tech startup founder, an SEO maestro, a branding agency, an Instagram wannabe, a fitness instructor, a petpreneur, a yacht designer, or a kick-arse web developer

If you want to achieve your goals, it all comes down to your WORDS; the words on your website, in your emails, newsletters, pitches, proposals and brochures. 

Yup, your COPY.

And when you can write to persuade? Endless possibilities in your life and business open up to you.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refresh your skills, this course is for you.

And I’m going to walk you through the exact steps I take to remember complex topics — and how I implement them to run a profitable copywriting business. And how YOU can too. 🙂


This course isn’t about dry-as-sand theory.

Nor does it require hours of sitting in front of a computer screen watching video after video, until your eyes grow droopy.

This course is about fresh actionable lessons, delivered succinctly. (Just like good copy!)

And it’s about practical,  but fun copy missions and memorable formulas you can put to work — even in your next email.

In fact, I’m so confident you’re gonna LOVE IT, if you don’t agree, I offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within 30 days. So you’ve got nothing to lose, by having a sneaky peek, right?

Okay, ready to get started? Pull up a chair, grab your laptop and let’s begin this exciting adventure together, today.

To you and your copywriting success!


You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to write sizzling, sparkling sales copy.

Copy that will increase your conversion rates.

Which is the fancy way to say… people are MUCH more likely to take action after reading your copy.

Whether that’s to…

– Buy your latest package, service, programme, subscription or product.

– Sign up to your club, membership, mailing list, or event.

– Click on a link, share your content, or download an eBook.

The fact is: good copy motivates people.

PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t magic and it’s not a get rich scheme! You must put the work in. (As with anything in life). You must practice, polish and never stop honing your craft. 

But with these skills as your foundation, I’m confident you will have everything you need to get started.

SO! Take The Complete Copywriting Course and never again will you have that teeth-gnashing frustration of not knowing where to start. 

Imagine that! No more blank page anxiety. No more blinking cursor of doom. No more putting it off for yet another cup of tea. Ugh, we’ve all been there.


  • You’re fed up with jigsaw-piece learning from random blog posts and YouTube videos that send you a down an internet rabbit hole
  • You feel overwhelmed by all those “Copywriting Tips” articles…
  • You don’t have the time (or let’s be honest… brain space) for huge, long, drawn-out courses.
  • You want actionable tactics that get you to where you wanna be quickly and economically.


The Complete Copywriting Course is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need… In just THREE hours. 

(In your own time. At your own pace).



It doesn’t matter where you are in your copywriting journey. It’s suitable for all levels.

Take it in your own sweet time, or power through in three hours.


The great thing is… To take The Complete Copywriting Course, you don’t need to be a writer. And, you don’t need any previous experience. 

That’s because copywriting isn’t some mystical, unattainable skill only achieved by the lucky few sprinkled with unicorn dust. It’s a learned skill. I’m living proof that with just a few simple formulas and techniques, you can be confidently writing sparkling high-income sales copy, too.

All you need is a laptop, this course and a willingness to learn.

Ready to get started?


Right this minute, your competitors are learning how to become better copywriters.

Copywriting is a blazing hot opportunity at the moment. But you have a distinct advantage. No other course offers the same memorable learning style, actionable tactics and real-world examples that you’ll find here.

Enroll today, and start seeing results in your next email.

(Don’t forget Udemy offers a 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee – so there’s no risk involved if it’s not for you).

Who is this course for:

  • Marketers who want to increase their earning potential and career prospects
  • Business owners looking to attract more leads and more sales
  • Freelancers who want to upskill as fast as possible
  • Busy people who want to learn copywriting as quickly and effectively as possible!
  • Anyone who wants to understand the sales psychology you NEED to grow a buzzing, profitable business


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