UI and Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC

Download UI and Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC free udemy course. Build professional web & app designs using Adobe Illustrator CC

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Description of UI and Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC

UI and Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC

UI design skills are one of the most employable opportunities of our lifetime. In this course, you’ll learn how to design a professional website in Adobe Illustrator CC. We’ll start right at the basics of Illustrator and work our way through to building professional UI designs.

This UI and Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC course doesn’t cover how to code a website but focuses on the design processes that professional UI designers use when working.

This is a project-based class for students who are new to the world of app & web design. I created this for people nervous about changing their careers into the world of user interface design.

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Who this course is for:

  • This UI and Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC course is for beginners. Aimed at people new to the world of web and UI design. While no previous Illustrator experience is necessary.

What you’ll learn

  • Work as a UI designer building web design & app designs.
  • Use Illustrator to a professional level.
  • Know how to build wireframes.
  • Know how to build site maps.
  • Know how to design for a responsive website.
  • Professional workflows and shortcuts.

Some Reviews

Since Muse is no longer an adobe product. What program do you recommend to quickly make wireframe layouts?

Overall, this was easy to follow and I enjoyed learning new things.

Thank you Dan! Again and Again! I am keep going! Last few months are so productive, so next steps are going to be Web Design (Html/CSS) and XD.

Another amazing UI and Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC course by Dan! He was the creator of the first course I tried on Udemy (Adobe XD course- which I HIGHLY recommend). I thought I’d branch out and see what other instructors Udemy provides, but I found myself missing Dan!! He makes the courses interesting and fun while giving you a great education on each of the courses’ topics.

I don’t leave reviews very often, but I sincerely want this guy to know what an amazing educator he is. These courses have been monumental for me as I’m making a huge career switch from music business to UX designer/graphic designer. Huge thanks to Dan, and go download his courses because you won’t regret it!!

Dan you’re the best instructor. Thanks so much for your amazing way of giving the information. Thanks for your humor too 😉 I learned a lot although I’m expert in Illustrator!! That’s exactly what I needed, to add some web design experience!!

Does what it says on the tin. Dan is a great teacher and the UI and Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC course is clear and logical. I feel like a couple of things at the start might have been a little quick for complete beginners but it’s not a big issue.

I took this course for some UI design practice using Illustrator which I’ve never used before. I definitely got something from the course and dare I say my design here is marginally less ugly than my design for Dan’s Xd course 🙂


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