UiPath REFramework Everything Explained

Master the UiPath REFramework Everything Explained course including ALL states, settings, and properties. With a complete hands-on use case.

UiPath REFramework Everything Explained

What you’ll learn

  • Become an expert in the UiPath Robotics Enterprise Framework
  • Master unique tips and tricks, that you will not find in ANY other course
  • Learn everything about best practice for optimal RPA development
  • End to end implementation of a use case in the UiPath REFramework
  • Explore fun, interactive, and highly effective lessons from two best-selling UiPath instructors


  • A PC/Mac with an internet connection and Microsoft Windows installed
  • Some experience with UiPath is recommended

Description of UiPath REFramework Everything Explained

UiPath REFramework Everything Explained

Automation and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is the talk of the town in the business world these days – and with a good reason. RPA is revolutionizing the way we work by removing the boring and repetitive work. This gives the employees time to be creative and do more interesting work.

At the front of this revolution is UiPath, which is widely acknowledged as the leading RPA software vendor. People with UiPath skills are in high demand.

In this course, you will learn everything about the UiPath REFramework including ALL states, settings, and properties. The course is based on a case, which will be completely solved step-by-step.

It will be possible (and recommended) to live code in UiPath alongside the instructor. The entire code is available for download.

By the end of the UiPath REFramework Everything Explained course you will be able to:

  • Implement all your business processes in the UiPath REFramework
  • Master all settings and properties in the UiPath REFramework
  • Set up Orchestrator
  • Make robots ready for enterprise
  • Work with all states in the UiPath REFramework in the optimal way
  • Fully understand the purpose of the transitions between the states
  • Handle credentials in a secure way
  • Do extensive logging
  • Handle errors with Try/Catch
  • Explain and use the Dispatcher/Performer Model
  • Scale your robots to multiple machines
  • Take advantage of the additional tips and tricks of the course
  • Get access to our LinkedIn Group for UiPath Professionals, where we will answer all questions regarding the course

If you want to join our LinkedIn group, go to LinkedIn and search for ‘UiPath RPA Developers’.

For a human to provide the most value in an RPA environment, he or she must have a combination of business AND technical skills so they can use an RPA tool like UiPath to help automate processes across multiple system boundaries including email, documents, databases, websites, mainframes, and APIs.

If you’ve primarily been doing manual computer work and you find technical concepts like databases, APIs, and basic programming to be intimidating… this course is for you.

Many of us use computers every day to accomplish business tasks, but we lack the confidence to stray beyond the specific things we’ve been trained to do.

Creating automation with ABC RPA tools like UIPath will definitely require you to level-up your skills so you have full command of your environment, and you can imagine better, more efficient solutions for any problem you face.

In this course I’ll provide you with technical skills and entry-level UiPath demos that will allow you to more confidently create software robots including:

  • A flowchart overview
  • Overviews of common automation targets (web, DB, API, folders & files)
  • Entry-level .NET programming concepts
  • Data types & data structures, operators, control flow (if/else, loops, etc.)

Who this UiPath REFramework Everything Explained course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to be able to create enterprise-ready software robots
  • Professional UiPath developers
  • RPA developers wanting to get a UiPath job
  • Students that are preparing for the UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Course

Some Reviews

The instructions are easy to follow and at a good pace. In few minutes Jan has covered exactly what is needed to get all the UiPath components working together, which is way more difficult if following the general instructions and UiPath documentation.

Professionalism is rare, here you’ll find it. Thanks a lot!

Brilliant course Gents! Some great in-depth steps, actions and walk-through of the power of utilising Orchestrator Queues & Assets the way they should be, plus Invoke workflows, not to mention taking the Log Messages to the next level! As someone who has been ‘playing’ with UiPath for approx.

12 months, this UiPath REFramework Everything Explained course has provided a very clear example and at the same time a ‘helicopter’ view of how things should be done! Well done and thanks.


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