Web Crawling with Nodejs From Amazon, LinkedIn, AliExpress

Learn how to do Web Crawling with Nodejs and create a web crawler using various methods on popular sites like H&M, Amazon, LinkedIn, Ali Express!

Web Crawling with Nodejs From Amazon, LinkedIn, AliExpress

What you’ll learn

  • Differences between web crawling and web scraping in Nodejs
  • The 3 main methods to use in web crawling, and when to use what method!
  • How to get data from sites like H&M and AliExpress easily and fast using their hidden API’s
  • How to build a web crawler for server-rendered sites like Amazon to crawl all their products
  • How to build a Puppeteer based web crawler for a site that requires JavaScript like Linkedin


  • Basic JavaScript

Description of Web Crawling with Nodejs

Web Crawling with Nodejs From Amazon, LinkedIn, AliExpress

Do you want to build a web crawler in Nodejs?

In this Web Crawling with Nodejs course, you will learn how to build a web crawler using the newest JavaScript syntax with popular sites like H&M, Amazon, LinkedIn, and AliExpress!

You’ll learn how to find hidden API’s on sites like H&M and AliExpress and see how you can even avoid building a web crawler in the first place, you can save a lot of time this way!

Then I show how to build a web crawler for Amazon the test-driven way, by building out tests for the various product page layouts there is on Amazon.

After that we’ll take a look at how to automate login and scraping profiles from LinkedIn using Puppeteer, the automated Chromium browser!

Fortunately, Web Crawling with Nodejs is a PROVEN method top salespeople, recruiters, and entrepreneurs have been using to schedule appointments with their dream clients for years, and it’s simply by leveraging LinkedIn.

Now using LinkedIn to generate leads is, easily and decisively, one of the most effective ways for an individual or business to develop a business relationship with another company.

LinkedIn is so pervasive in our everyday lives, and will continue to be the overwhelmingly dominant social media network to do business in as time goes on.

Everyday millions of users all around the world check their LinkedIn and it’s only getting started. As a sales person, recruiter, or an entrepreneur, this is a powerful concept.



For most people, whether they’re sales people, recruiters, freelancers, consultants, or entrepreneurs, they spend hours of their personal time writing and sending poorly written LinkedIn messages that get ZERO RESPONSES…and eventually give up thinking LinkedIn doesn’t work.

Or they may even spend hours of time trying to generate leads on LinkedIn using marketing…but without a blueprint, fail to capture a single lead.

Here’s the good news: this failure is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU.

As long as you use our PROVEN LINKEDIN MARKETING & LEAD GENERATION MACHINE (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you’ll be able to generate leads and get a meeting with anyone.

This Web Crawling with Nodejs course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to generate leads on LinkedIn using marketing and outbound strategies and get a meeting with ANYONE whether you’re already familiar with LinkedIn or just getting started.

I’ve personally tested all these bullet proof email strategies myself with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies in all types of industries like retail, real estate, health care, etc. as one the TOP sales people at Oracle and Y-Combinator backed startup, Lob.

I promise these LinkedIn strategies WILL WORK for YOU whether you’re a sales person, recruiter, consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur or your money back guarantee.

This LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation Master Course is designed to walk anyone through the steps to get a meeting with your dream clients and grow your business. Everything is given to you. You’ll have all the tools you need.

Who this course is for:

  • Students looking to learn web crawling with Nodejs
  • Students looking to learn web scraping with Nodejs

Course Details:

  • 4.7 (11 ratings)
  • 111 students enrolled
  • Created by Stefan Hyltoft
  • Last updated 4/2020
  • English

Some Reviews

  • Nice, I can follow the course to finish all the web crawling and further modify as our own.
  • Excellent Web Crawling with Nodejs course. I had done the other course of web scraping of the instructor Stefan and this one helped me to complement what I learned. I recommend it 100%.
  • Very Basic and Simple. It was a great course for beginner like me.
  • Useful and easy to understand


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