Web Design for Beginners – Coding in HTML & CSS

What you’ll learn

  • Download Web Design for Beginners and learn to code in HTML and CSS
  • Able to make awesome websites


  • All you need is just an PC
  • No prerequisite knowledge required
  • No special ($$$) software required

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Description of Web Design for Beginners – Coding in HTML & CSS

You can launch a new career in web development today by downloading Web Design for Beginners, and Coding in HTML & CSS. You don’t need a computer science degree or expensive software.

All you need is a computer, a bit of time, a lot of determination, and a teacher you trust. I’ve taught HTML and CSS to countless coworkers and held training sessions for fortune 100 companies. I am that teacher you can trust.

Don’t limit yourself by creating websites with some cheesy “site-builder” tool. This course teaches you how to take 100% control over your webpages by using the same concepts that every professional website is created with.

This Web Design for Beginners – Coding in HTML & CSS course does not assume any prior experience. We start at square one and learn together bit by bit. By the end of the course, you will have created (by hand) a website that looks great on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops alike.

I have helped over 10,000 students and have received the following feedback:

“…A fantastic course… clear, definite and engaging.”

“…Presentation is concise without being tedious… you honestly feel that you have a thorough understanding of the subject.”

“…[Brad] explained the process. Not memorize this or that, he explained the process. If you’re looking to take a course to understand the foundations of creating websites, look no further.”

“Brad definitely has some of the best techniques to embed the lesson into your mind… hands down these are the best tutorials I have had the opportunity to view.”

“I found this Web Design for Beginners – Coding in HTML & CSS course really helpful and I highly recommend it… all things you learn are seen in action instantly.”

“Brad has put together a great foundation for any body wishing to get a good understanding with front end web-development.”

“…I would definitely recommend this course to most folks I know who want to learn web design.” Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn code

Course Details

  • 3.6 (15 ratings)
  • 3,076 students enrolled
  • Created by Rahul sohdey
  • Last updated 5/2020
  • English [Auto-generated]

Some Reviews

I honestly have a good recommendation for this course. It’s one of the amazing courses I have enrolled in, so far. As a beginner, I gained a lot and have a better knowledge of basic and intermediate web development. I assure you if you are looking forward to learning web dev. This Web Design for Beginners – Coding in HTML & CSS course worth your time.

The instructor explains smoothly and clear on each concept of the course. Thus I am very happy to be one of his students.

The course was very clear and easy to understand, I put a lot in practice by myself self and on other boot camps, I was following along. Thank you very much

Brad is really enthusiastic and passionate about teaching HTML and CSS. His lessons are succinct and engaging. I enjoy that his practices are clearly laid out. Great course. Good job Brad!

This is an amazing course although there is only one piece missing and that is the lack of styling a drop-down list but other than that this course was amazing and really recommend it for beginners.

It was an exceptional experience. This course has taught me how a web page is designed and I am curious to learn more about this. Thanks!

I am a software engineer by trade, with minimal training with HTML and CSS. Brad did a terrific job introducing AND explaining key concepts. Thank you!

Make sure to download the Complete Web Developer course for best understanding.

So far, so good. Easy listening, understanding. The narrative does not get old and tiring. Thank goodness I am allowed to go back as many times as needed to catch those fanciful butterflies. My most challenging area is the box, floating, etc. I hit that section about three times. This is a great Web Design for Beginners – Coding in HTML & CSS course, mostly because of the instructor. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about working on websites.


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