What is Marketing and Marketing Concept?

What is the definition of marketing?

What is Marketing? It is defined as a step taken by a company or organization to create awareness among consumers for buying and selling their product or service. Advertisement, selling, and providing the services to the users are the key points.

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Promotions of a product are done through celebrities, using killer phrases or slogans, catchy graphic designs, and also through social media.

Marketing niche

The niche market targets the specific need of the consumers. It covers product features, price, place, or region where the product is mostly being used, and quality which matters the most.

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Marketing concept

The major points to understand this concept are:

  • It is a technique to draw customers’ attention to buy your products.
  • Use such persuasive slogans to convert impression to sale.
  • Provide the customer with the actions which are easy to take.

Marketing vs advertising

Marketing vs advertising

Advertising, in a sense, is a manner to make a service or product recognized by consumers. It usually presents the product to the whole World or specific region through various descriptions.

It contains advertising campaigns on various media platforms. But these campaigns must have to be creative.

First, you must know that advertising is the basic element of marketing. Marketing is preparing a product or service for consumers or the marketplace. Advertising, on the other hand, introduces your product to the marketplace.

Data assembled through marketing is used by advertising to best explain the brand. Advertising is only specific for brand promotion, while marketing is a more dominated process.

Marketing Positioning

Positioning is a concept that describes as,
a place that a company or brand conquers in the consumers’ mind. This also compares with the competitor’s products or the services they offer.

Marketing Mix

The expression “Marketing Mix” is an established model for organizations, verifiably based on the Four P’s Rule. Most organizations use their tools to pursue their advertising goals in a target market.

Four P’s in Marketing

Product, price, place, and promotion make up the important rule for marketing, which is Four P’s.


An item or service that a company manufactures for its consumers is also known as product. Before designing a product, one should know how it is unique from the already available products in the market.


In simple words, price is the amount for which the product will be sold. Before setting a price, companies must consider at what price their competitors are selling. They should also consider that the product will be an alternative for the consumer at the given price.


It describes the place where the product will be sold. It can be a storefront or online platform. It depends on the customers that how they will be able to exceed it easier.


This is where the awareness of the product begins among the consumers; obviously, if they will know about the features of the product, that is when they will buy your product.


I hope by now, you must have obtained excellent knowledge about advertising. But you must know about the latest practices in promoting products digitally. These days most of the companies are using the internet as a marketplace. Their rate of sale is more on the internet globally, then in the physical market storefront.

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